My Family

Me! -

I'm 25, I am an accountant by day, but my true passion is childbirth. I am a certified childbirth educator and I teach childbirth preparation classes at the local hospital. I am also working towards my Doula certification. My long term goal is to eventually be a certified nurse midwife.

I might be 25, but I am a true grandma at heart. I love to craft, sew, play bingo, and if I had the money- I would totally put a shuffleboard set up in my house! I joke with my husband that since he is 8 years older then me, that is 8 years sooner we can join retirement communities!

I love being a parent,  I really cannot remember how my life was before it was filled with trips to the library and scooby-doo on Saturday mornings. I also cannot understand how I ever thought I was really busy or ever really tired- you don't know what busy and tired are until you have kids!

The Hubs- (Nick)

My best friend! We have been together for 6.5 years and married for a little over 2 years. He works as a contractor during the day, he owns his own company and despite the economy he still manages to keep the jobs coming!

He is the manliest of men, but also- our home "roles" are somewhat shifted... he LOVES to cook. He used to be a chef before starting his own company- and lets just say this extra 20 lbs on my body was not just from having a baby! He makes the BEST barbecue ever. Literally!

Nick's also has a 14 year old daughter, so I was able to see how great of a dad he would be, but seeing my 6'5" husband holding an 8lbs baby, and cry because he loved her so much- now that's what made me realize guy was a keeper!


14 by age- but much more mature then that at heart. The girl has been through a lot and she always holds her own. She started high school this year and was a cheerleader for the football team, and now she is a manager for the basketball team. She is going to do track in the spring and next year she wants to try out for volleyball next year.

Ky is a great big sissy to Avani. Ky also has 2 brothers and a little sister on her Mom's side of the family. Her Mom lives out in California so Ky goes out there about 4 times a year to spend time with all of them.

Avani (Ava)-

My beautiful, strong minded, smart 2 year old. She really is so smart- she has such a big personality. She is funny, goofy, serious, and studious. She loves to read and play puzzles, all the things introverted children would do- but she is as extroverted as they come. She has no stranger anxiety at all (good and bad thing!) She is a good kid all around. Don't get me wrong- she has her share of tantrums, and the days she just flat out doesn't listen. But about 90% of the time she is an angel.