Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to make a Boppy Cover

1- Start with your fabric. I picked a soft minky fabric for the front and a flannel for the back. I used 1.5 yards for the back, and 1 yard for the front.

2- Get a boppy :)

3- lay the boppy on top of the fabric you want the front of the cover to me- make sure to put the WRONG side of the fabric up

4-Take a pen and trace about 2" around the entire boppy

5- This picture is hard to see, but if you look closely you can see my pen markings around the boppy.

6- Start cutting out the cover- what I like to do is cut out exactly 1/2 of the pattern first.

7- Once you have that first half cut out, gently lay it over the other half and match it up as closely as you can to the other side- this will make sure your pattern is even on both sides and you will not have one side tighter then the other.

8- You now have the front!

9- Now you start on the back side- lay your front piece on top of the back piece. RIGHT SIDE UP for both. What you will want to do is leave 4-5 inches on overlap on the top. You can see in the picture how I layed mine out.

Cut out the bottom fabric.

10- Now you will want to lay out the top piece onto the bottom piece again, but do the top part this time. Lay it over about 9-10". I like to use that middle "U" shape as the spot I place the bottom fabric to.

Cut out that top shape too. It should look like a half of an oval.

11- This is the top half

12- The bottom half

13- Take the strait edges on both the top and bottom pieces of the back and iron them about 1/2" over. Then fold that over 1" and iron again.

14- Stitch a strait line on the inside edge to keep that folded edge clean

15- Once you have both the top and bottom half ironed and stitched for the back side of the cover you can now put the front and back together.

First- place the front side (brown) FACING UP
second- place the top half of the back side (white) FACING DOWN
third- place the bottom half of the back side (white) FACING DOWN

*note- the top half and the bottom half of the back side should overlap a few inches of eachother- you want this!

16- Pin around the whole edges

I also like to put a couple pins in the middle along the strait lines just to keep it from coming open.

17- Stitch 3/4" front the entire edges. I like to use a double stitch so that it holds longer- you will be washing and taking on and off the cover- you want your stitches to hold.

18- Cut notches around all of the edges

19- This is what your cover should look like if you open the middle pockets

20- Pull the cover right side out through the opened pocket. Make sure to go around all of the edges and poke out the curves.

Its hard to see in this picture- but there is a pillow like flap - thats how you will put the boppy in.

This is the front side.

What it looks like with a boppy in it. Again- its hard to see with the pattern in the fabric -but there is the pocket there.

If you needed to, you could add some velcro to keep the pocket closed.