Monday, November 14, 2011

sewing tutorial - crayon roll up

While searching on Etsy I came across this crayon roll up and decided I wanted to make one for Avani.

3 pieces of fabric 6" x 12" each (I got 2 fat quarters, which is enough to make 4 crayon roll ups)

1 scrap piece of fusible batting 6"x 12"

1 piece of ribbon 20"

OK- step 1, find you fabric and cut out the rectangles. Here is my fabric- this came in a fat quarter bundle and I think it's super cute for a little girl!

Iron on the fusible batting to the piece of fabric you want to be the inside panel

Take one of the pieces of fabric and fold it in half and sew a stitch to keep it in place about 1/4" in, this is going to be the piece that holds the crayons

Place the folded piece of fabric on top of your inside panel piece


using a ruler or tape measure mark 1" spaces across the bottom folded part. This is one step I should have done differently. you should mark the first and last 1.5" and all the middle 1", this will allow for the seam allowance.

Now you need to sew the "pockets" for each crayon. Start with your machine needle right at the top of the folded piece. Backstitch about 1/4" then continue all the way to the bottom. Do this for each of your marks so that you have sewn every 1" (leaving 1.5" on each edge)

It should look like this once you have done each pocket.

Now take your ribbon (I like to put some "no fray" on each end and let dry). You are going to place the middle of the string at the left side of your back panel. There should be a small amount hanging over the right side, and a longer hanging over the left side.

Pin this and then sew a rectangle around to hold it in place.

This whole ribbon step can be changed up and instead you can add a button and elastic, or Velcro- I am going to make a couple other kinds- I will post those here as well once I have those done.

Now- In order to easily sew the two panels together I thought it was easiest to pin the ribbon inside so it didn't get in the way.

Place the two panels right sides together and pin around the edges. You really only need to pin the corners since these pieces are so small.

Sew around the edges about 1/4" make sure to leave a good 5-6" gap- you will need this to flip everything right side out.

flip everything right side out through the gap you left opened. Sew a finishing stitch 1/8" around the edges.

YAY! You're done!


  1. Love this! I am going to pin it for when I learn how to sew. ;-) Which will hopefully be soon. Stopping over from J&M's Eye Candy!

  2. I saw my first crayon caddy the other day at a peddlars mall and have decided my son just has to have one! He loves to color and I like to have crayons on hand for when we get caught up at the dr or something.... Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh and now I'm your newest follower!

  4. I've been meaning to try this! Thanks for the AWESOME tutorial!! And also thanks for sharing and linking up with us :) We appreciate it :)

    Have a happy day!



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